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The Women of AI podcast

Join Sharon and Sadie each week as they talk all things AI.


You’ll love listening if…

  • You want to discover how AI has seamlessly integrated itself into our daily lives
  • You’re interested in how AI can enhance and improve our lives
  • You’re curious about the future of AI

Season 1 Episodes:

1 – Unlocking Creativity with AI Art and Imagination

Curious about Mid Journey and Chat GPT? We’ve got you covered! Sharon & Sadie discuss tips on making your first AI prompt and more. No engineering degree required!

2 – Breaking Down Barriers: Women Empowering Women in the World of AI

Learn how to stay laser-focused on your business goals and avoid the trap of chasing multiple ideas.

3 – The Human Element: AI as a Tool, Not a Replacement

We’re living in a future that past generations could only dream of. Take a moment to appreciate how AI tools are making our lives better.

4 – Maximizing Etsy Success: Staying Ahead of Trends and Achieving High Sales

Planning is everything! Discover the key to success on Etsy as we dive into the importance of strategically timing your product releases.

5 – The Art of Selective Tool Usage: Maximizing Efficiency in the Digital Age

Discover the concept of minimum viable products, how to select the right tools for your niche, and ways to turbocharge your productivity.

6 – From Teaching to Entrepreneurship (with Liz Houston)

Liz Houston, a web designer, shares her journey from skepticism to embracing AI’s potential along with her process for creating AI printable bookmarks for Etsy.

7 – Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Astrology (with Carolina Velis)

Carolina Velis shares her journey of transitioning from IT to exploring the mystical world of astrology, from workbooks to AI-generated art.

8 – Building a Mindful Business with AI and EFT Tapping (with Tiffani Armour)

Tiffani Armour shares her journey of empowerment through mindset change, energetic hygiene management, and business skills.