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Aspect Ratios

–ar changes the aspect ratio of your images.


–c (number 0-100) changes how varied your image results are.


Join 2 -5 images into a single image


How to use an image to get a description and make new, similar images!


How to delete images in Midjourney!


–no is how you use negative prompting (like making sure there's no birds in the frame, for example)


–q (.25, .5, 1, or 2) higher values take more time (though at time of publishing, v4 and v5 go up to quality 1, not 2)


–seed (number) to generate similar ending images


–style (4a, 4b, or 4c) if you want to use Midjourney version 4


–s (number) determines how strongly the default aesthetic is applied to your images


–niji is an alternative model of Midjourney that helps create anime-style images

High Definition

–hd use for abstract or landscape images

There are also deprecated parameters:

  • –w and –h for width and height were replaced with –ar
  • –fast was replaced with –q (for quality)
  • –vibe is v1 of Midjourney

Midjourney Prompts

Camera Angles

Use these prompts to change the angle from which the shot is taken in Midjourney.

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