This is where you will find information about our first round internship for 2023.

We are doing an OPEN CALL for those of you who want to participate in our internship program.

This call will be held on zoom:

Thursday, June 8th, 2023 at 10AM Pacific Time

We will talk about the program and conduct on-the-spot (very informal) interviews. We want to chat and get to know you a little, find out the types of skills you have, and what you can bring to our team. We also want to make it clear what we are offering, so expectations are set early on.

In order to apply, you *must* be on our email list – this is where we are sending out the zoom link on Wednesday!!

If you do NOT receive it, please hop over into the Facebook group and give us a heads up.

If you can’t make it live, that doesn’t mean you’re out!

Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know about your skills, what you like doing with AI, etc.

Before we get into it, we want you to know right away that this is an unpaid internship. *groan* We get it, high fives and hearts don’t pay the bills… but if you’re in a position to dedicate 10 hours a week to helping The Women of AI, we are dedicated to coaching you to your 6-figure business goals.

Still interested? Keep reading.

The WoAI Goals and Vision

Our goal for this internship program is to get help with our tiny startup while we help you create a tiny startup of your own, and together, we will grow them both into empires!

We have carved out a safe space for women in the AI industry. This is revolutionary, and the momentum we have is like no other we’ve experienced. Because of this fast growth, we are expanding our team to include interns!

Passive Income Pathways has been utilizing interns for a while now with amazing results. It’s not always easy (for us or for the interns), but we’ve become a family and are helping each other every day. We want to duplicate this amazing experience with The Women of AI.

If you’re interested in becoming an intern for us, please read this page in its entirety, very carefully…

Intern Skills

We need interns who know a lil’ something about blogging, email marketing, and how online business works.

Those are the basic barriers to becoming one of our interns, but don’t worry – if you’re clueless about blogging, that doesn’t necessarily kick you out of the running.

We need interns who are:

  • are capable – especially with ChatGPT and Midjourney, and are willing to learn other tools as time goes on
  • fast learners – if we send you a video with an SOP, we expect you to be able to execute with minimal issues
  • searchers – if you have a question, you search YouTube, Google, etc first before PMing us, unless it’s specifically related to a way we do a training etc – then we need to answer 🙂
  • calm and flexible – shit hits the fan on an almost daily basis in our lives and businesses in one way or another, so you’ve gotta be able to roll with the punches
  • honest – we don’t need someone who is going to try and steal anything from us. We give everything away so freely, there’s no need to steal it, we promise.

It is also a requirement, not a suggestion, that you have a business you want to launch or grow. If you haven’t gotten started yet, Sharon and I will help you, but that is the most important part of the internship. Because this internship is unpaid, it’s critical that *you* receive value too, right? That is where our business coaching comes in.

Sharon and I have each separately built multiple 6-figure businesses, and are now building The Women of AI together to 6 figures and beyond! The value you will receive from our coaching is unmatched and we have lots of testimonials to prove it! 😉

Still here? Awesome!

Intern Assignments

We are looking for interns who are team players, because we don’t always know what’s coming our way and we may need help with it! There’s no way for us to predict what your day to day will look like with The Women of AI because it’s always changing.

For now, our plan is to have our interns assist with:

  • organizing our speaking gigs: making sure our calendar events don’t overlap, helping us get our name out there by responding to pitches for speaking engagements etc
  • simple tasks in our memberships: bulk upload/download of images, creating mockups (we have templates), naming images descriptively, organizing images by theme/style, upscaling images in bulk (we have tools), etc
  • email: all things email… depending on what your experience is
  • social: Instagram & Facebook post scheduling
  • videos: uploading, descriptions, thumbnails
  • finishing blog posts: interlinking, images, and Newsbreak (we have tutorials on all of these things)

We hope to have at least one intern move into a paid virtual assistant position for our team in the near future.

Intern Perks

Besides getting personalized coaching with both Sharon and Sadie (not available anywhere else!!), you’ll get small cash bonuses based on the growth of The Women of AI, the work you’re putting into WoAI and your business, etc.

We will promote your business as if it were our own, and offer ideas, collaboration opportunities, and more.

You’ll get access to a library of amazing AI tools that we use.

Oh, and you also get access to all of our products, coaching, memberships, etc!

Next steps

Sign up for our email list so we can send you the zoom links!