How to Use Inpainting in Midjourney

The newest feature to hit Midjourney in August 2023 is…. *drum roll please* … inpainting!!

This is a feature many other AI tools already have, but having it inside the one tool we use every single day? Priceless!

Create your image in your own Midjourney server. Choose the image you want to work with.

Select the area you want to change.

Add your prompt – mine was “woman with red hair” – then click the arrow to the right to submit.

Midjourney will create a new image, based on the prompt change you made. Choose the image to upscale.

I wasn't happy with this result. If you don't like the results, start back at step 1 and try again! ๐Ÿ™‚

I went back to the beginning, clicked on vary region, and clicked the “undo” button (to the left of the image when you're inpainting).

Then I attempted to change the color of her dress. I love the results!!

Note: If you do NOT see this box to edit the prompt, go back to your Midjourney server and type /settings — then make sure “Remix Mode” is turned ON! ๐Ÿ™‚

Midjourney does a great job at this, as long as we do a great job with our prompts!

Examples of inpainting

I added a hat to the man drinking a coffee:

Then, I changed this beautiful yellow dress into a rainbow one!

I added rain to this scene, but even after three attempts, it didn't do exactly what I wanted it to. However, the results I got were hilarious, so I kept them! LOL

If you're struggling, consider trying different prompts or selecting different images to practice with. It's fun to play around with different ideas.

I am LOVING this new inpainting feature in Midjourney!

Then, share your results in our Facebook group (for women only)!

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