Gigapixel AI Review: Achieve Impeccable Image Quality with Ease


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A topic we see questions about almost daily in The Women of AI Facebook Group is image upscaling. So many of us are creating images with AI art generators like Midjourney but don’t know how to transform our images so we can sell them or use them on physical products. Well, we’ve used a few different upscalers and definitely have a favorite – Gigapixel AI! This is a quick Gigapixel AI review, so you can see how to get started and how it can fit into your workflow. 

Picture this: you’ve just created an amazing image using your favorite AI art generator, and you want to print and frame the image as a gift, or make a suitcase cover, or design a custom shower curtain. Unfortunately, the image resolution is a little too small. Enter Gigapixel AI – a standout in the image upscaling space because it uses AI to enlarge and enhance your images. Gigapixel AI does more than simple pixel enlargement, ensuring you don’t end up with pixelated, lackluster results. It’s been trained on tons of images so it knows what details should look like as they’re enlarged.

Check out this zoomed in before and after of an image from Midjourney to see the goodness of Gigapixel AI:

Do you see those pores?!

Getting Started with Gigapixel

When you’re ready to start upscaling your ai-generated images to use them in the real world, head over to to go directly to Topaz Labs. Yes, it’s that easy. We don’t want you trying to figure out which link in a search is going to the real Gigapixel AI site. Right now, Topaz seems to be pushing Photo AI and Video AI, but you can still get their other products – including Gigapixel AI – with the Products link at the top of the page. Gigapixel AI is available for Windows and Mac. Please note that you cannot currently use Gigapixel on a tablet, iPad, or Linux-based system.

Once you’re on the Gigapixel AI page, you can choose to buy a license for Gigapixel AI or sign up for a free 7-day trial. The trial has no strings attached – no payment information needed and no auto-enrollment at the end. We love that! If you choose to buy, you can use GPay, a credit card, or PayPal, and the checkout process is quick and easy. Also, if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work on your computer, there’s a 30 day refund period.

Screenshot showing the checkout page at for GigapixelAI
Gigapixel AI order page as of Aug 2023; Fill it out and be on your way!

For either choice, the installer will download onto your computer and Topaz Labs will promptly send you an email with support information, links for downloads, and helpful videos. Our installation and download of additional models for Gigapixel AI took around 20 minutes, but your time will depend on your internet speed.

Once you download and install Gigapixel AI on your computer, it’s time to get it going! Gigapixel AI’s user interface is easy to use – even for beginners. You don’t need to understand any technical terms or be an expert image editor to get great results. There are some short but really good tutorials available when you initially start the program. The best part of these tutorials is you get to learn by doing. You aren’t sitting staring at your screen; Gigapixel AI shows you where to go to do things then waits for you to do it. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Upscaling in Gigapixel AI

The panel on the right side of the Gigapixel AI screen is where you’ll make adjustments to your upscales. You can choose to quickly scale images by 2x, 4x or ##. You can also reduce the size. If you need to make sure your images have a certain number of pixels per inch (PPI), there’s a box so you can change that. There are different models you can use depending on the subject of your image, but we tend to just leave it on Standard. If you’re upscaling a photo with a person’s face, Gigapixel AI even has options for face restoration!

A fabulous feature of Gigapixel AI for those of us who love creating AI art is the ability to bulk upscale images. You can put multiple images in the queue and use the same settings for all of them or change the upscale settings for individual images.

Don’t Forget Your “Real” Photos!

Another great thing about Gigapixel AI is that its primary use is to upscale photos. You can turn those photos that you took on an ancient digital camera or found in your favorite old family photos into much better looking images with Gigapixel AI!

GigapixelAI comparison screenshot showing a close up of a scanned picture of a baby's face
Gigapixel AI removes scratches, blemishes, and pixelation from an old scanned photo

A couple of things to note – if you’re using the trial version, any images you save from Gigapixel AI will have a large watermark in the middle. Also, if you’re a 36 tabs open in your web browser kind of person, Gigapixel AI may run slowly or randomly close on you. If this is you, close your browser, get your images ready to upscale, then leave Gigapixel AI to do its job while you’re at work or asleep. It’ll save you lots of frustration!


As a recap, Gigapixel AI is easy to purchase, install, and download. You can batch upscale your files. And most importantly, Gigapixel AI is a multi-use tool. You aren’t only spending money to upscale AI images; you can use it to make your old photos look better, too!

So if you’ve been wondering how to upscale your images, remember that The Women of AI highly recommend Gigapixel AI! If you want to tell us how much you love it or have questions, drop a line in our Facebook group.

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