How to Create Coloring Pages in Midjourney

One of the questions we get asked (at least daily!) is how to create coloring pages.

Step 1: Choose your subject.

Simple subjects are best to start with. If you're drawing a blank, think of nouns: people, places, and things.

If my mind was completely blank, I'd start looking around… and in about 2 minutes I'd have a nice list.

  • crystals
  • ocean
  • birds
  • trees
  • houses
  • dogs
  • flowers
  • bugs

Those are all things I just saw out my office window. Each of those subjects can be its own coloring book!

Still stumped for ideas? Use Google or Amazon for inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

Step 2: Choose your style.

Add your subject at the beginning of the prompt, then copy and paste the rest of one of the prompts below. The prompt is first, then its result.

cartoon coloring, round shapes, exaggerated, black outline, easy, vector –ar 2:3

coloring page for adults, black and white, clean lines, no shading, no background, –ar 2:3

style of coloring book, vector lines, black and white, –ar 2:3

If you're new to prompting or want a breakdown as to what “–ar 2:3” (or anything else) is, watch our Midjourney playlist on YouTube and read our blog posts… like this one about aspect ratio. 😉

Step 3: Generate AI Coloring Pages in Midjourney.

Now that you have a few prompts, head over to Midjourney and create magic!

Step 4: Upscale Your Coloring Pages With Gigapixel.

There are many upscalers out there, but because of the volume we work with (1000s of images a month for our AI Art Vault), we knew we had to buy the best!

AI Coloring Page Prompt Generator

We have an AI Coloring Page Prompt Generator available for free to our All Access Members. If that's you, be sure to log in and use it! It will save you a ton of time.

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